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Wayne A. O'Connor


Dr O’Connor is a Senior Principal Research Scientist and Research Leader for Aquaculture at Fisheries New South Wales’ Port Stephens Fisheries Institute. His undergraduate studies were undertaken at Newcastle University and he received his PhD from the University of Technology, Sydney, working on aspects of scallop physiology and reproductive biology. He has 30 years experience in Aquaculture research and has worked on a variety programs including algal culture and the development of propagation techniques for a number of molluscs such as oysters (edible and pearl), scallops, mussels and clams. Currently, Dr O’Connor leads molluscan research programs that range from the development of selective breeding techniques and triploid induction to environmental impact and ecotoxicological evaluations. Dr O'Connor is a member of the editorial boards for the journals Aquaculture and Aquaculture Research. Molluscan Research and Water. He is a Conjoint Professor in Life Sciences at Newcastle University, an Adjunct Professor in Genecology at the University of the Sunshine Coast and a Visiting Fellow at Macquarie University.

Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science Biological Oceanography Ecology Marine Biology

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Research Leader Aquaculture

Department of Primary Industies
Port Stephens Fisheries Institute


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