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Vijay Pande


Vijay Pande, Henry Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry and, by courtesy, of Structural Biology and Computer Science, also currently directs of the Stanford Program in Biophysics and the Folding@home Distribtued Computing project. His research centers on novel cloud computing simulation techniques to address problems in chemical biology. In particular, he has pioneered distributed computing methodology to break fundamental barriers in the simulation of protein and nucleic acid kinetics and thermodynamics. As director of the Folding@home project (, Prof. Pande has, for the first time, directly simulated protein folding dynamics, making quantitative comparisons with experimental results, often considered a “holy grail” of computational biology. His current research also includes novel computational methods for drug design, especially in the area of protein misfolding and associated diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s Disease.

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Camille and Henry Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry

Stanford University
Chemistry, Structural Biology, and Computer Science
We work on a range of projects, with the collective goal of pushing the limits of computational and theoretical methods and applying them to important problems in biophysics and biophysical chemistry.

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