Vianney Denis

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Assistant Professor

National Taiwan University
Institute of Oceanography
The research in my laboratory focuses on broad-scale ecological processes in coral reefs and on the functional importance of reef organisms to the resilience of this ecosystem – We aim to understand how individual characteristics of reef organisms could influence their response to stressors, and how environmental changes could shape functions of the coral reef ecosystem and the services they provide to human society. Therefore, we develop a trait-based approach centered on the description of species performance and their role in the ecosystem. We have a specific interest on reef organisms from marginal community, i.e. species successfully colonizing and/or expanding in suboptimal environments. In particular, species expanding from shallow tropical locations to mesophotic zones and high-latitude areas may have developed specific features to survive a wide range of environmental conditions and could be the keys species for the future of the coral reefs. Overall, our work consists in analyzing how current human and climatic-modifications could reconfigure the coral reefs in the future and the functional consequences of these changes.

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August 18, 2017
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September 3, 2013
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