Suresh Verma

Suresh Prasad Verma


I am Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics & acad. faculty 0f Patna University since 1965 at diff. positions..
Retd. in 2006 Physics Dept.Science College of The University.
I was engaged in Science Popularisation/Communication at State Level.My Research area Three body Nuclear systems; Early publ. in Phys.Review C ,AIP, USA and Jour.of Physics-G,Nucl Phys G Britain & other articles in different Publications
Sp. interest in Science Education & generation of Scientific Temper among people.

Science & Medical Education Science Policy

Work details

Retd. Univ. Professor of Physics/President, Science For Society

Patna University, India
Physics Department

Science for Society, Bihar, India

PeerJ Contributions