Valentine Cawley

Valentine Cawley


Valentine Cawley is a polymath of diverse interests and has made contributions to the psychology of giftedness, synaesthesia, ethics, and legal philosophy among others and has worked variously as a feature film actor, magazine founder and editor, applied physicist in a government lab, memoirist, performance artist (covered on CNN, NBC News and Reuters for his piece, Lord Valentine the Misplaced). He is also, rather unexpectedly, the author of the longest book on "love and life" ever written in English. His past career interests are too varied to list, in their entirety, but continue to diversify. On a personal level, he is the father of the polymathic child prodigy, Ainan Celeste Cawley, who has developed talents in science, computer programming, film-making, as Director, writer, editor and film score composer, and mathematics, but first came to light as a prodigy Chemist. Ainan is writing two books - one a highly complex comedic picaresque work and the other a book of aphoristic wit. He is 16, now.

Valentine is also father to two other sons, who are both child actors, one of whom is also a promising artist.

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