Vassilios Myrianthopoulos

Vassilios Myrianthopoulos


Vassilios Myrianthopoulos studied pharmacy in the University of Athens, Greece. He received his PhD in 2010 from the same institute, working on rational design of small-molecule inhibitors of disease-relevant kinases like GSK3b and the DYRKs, with emphasis on molecules related to natural products. A part of his thesis was done in Structural Genomics Consortium, University of Oxford, in the group of Professor Stefan Knapp. Since 2010 he works as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry laboratory, University of Athens, having an on-going collaboration with the Target Discovery Institute of Oxford on the development of chemical probes for epigenetic targets. His current research is focused on the implementation of theoretical calculations and biophysical methodologies aiming at the discovery and optimization of small molecules as potent and selective inhibitors of epigenetic proteins such as the bromodomains and UHRF1.

Current research interests:

o Virtual screening of compound libraries against emerging drug targets
o Hit identification and rational lead optimization of bioactive compounds and natural products
o Biochemical and biophysical assays for determining binding affinity and SAR of bioactive compounds
o Computational appoaches to the effects of thermodynamics of solvation in ligand binding

Targets of interest:
o Epigenetic modules
o Kinases
o Transmembrane receptors
o Metabolic enzymes
o ATPases
o Proteasome

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Postodoctoral Research Fellow

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

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