Talita Nogueira Terra Parizzi


My name is Talita Nogueira Terra Parizzi and I am a lover of life, of whatever kind. I graduated in Biological Sciences (2007) with the aim to protect lands and waters for a sustainable future. With this in mind, I continued studies completing my master's degree in Environmental Planning from School of Civil Engineering (2010). The study area was a Conservation Area, called Juréia-Itatins, located in São Paulo - Brazil. The main objective was to analyze the impacts left by man. This work resulted in a model that allows the calculation of cumulative effects, whose outputs were used for the construction of future scenarios through simulations to assess the anthropic pressure for possible mitigation.
With the experience acquired I had the opportunity to start working in partnership with the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment (MMA) and companies such as Embrapa (Brazilian Corporation of Agricultural Research). I mapped Land Use and Cover Change (LUCC) of Legal Amazon for the years 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014, and for the Cerrado biome 2013. In 2013 I felt the need to upgrade and update skills and improve the model developed during the Masters degree, so I started my Ph.D. in LUCC using remote sensing data and GIS.

Conservation Biology Coupled Natural & Human Systems Ecology Ecosystem Science Environmental Sciences

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