Tanya Zilberter

Tanya M. Zilberter


PhD: Neurophysiology (Glucose sensing and plasticity in hypothalamic neurons)
Current projects: Collaboration with Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes - Inserm UMR1106 Marseille, France. Expert consulting: Metabolism and Neuroprotection
Project 1: BRASTA: The Brain Health Stack. Evidence-based support for prevention and self-management of chronic diseases.
Project 2: Public health education: "Prevention and self-management of chronic metabolic diseases"
Project 3: Macronutrients: the roles in metabolic health
Past projects: Frontiers in Eating Behavior "The two-way link between eating behavior and brain metabolism" ( Associate Editor)
- General physiological control systems and homeostasis (collaboration with the Institute for physician's continuous education, Moscow);
- Neuropeptides in physiological homeostasis (Moscow State University);
- Neuronal networks, a database for computational modeling (collaboration with the Institute of Physics, Moscow );
- Energy balance and energy efficiency (UNC-Chapel Hill, Dept. of Medical Allied Health Professions, NC, USA);
- Reflexo-therapy pilot study (Community wholistic health center, Hillsbourough, NC);
- Moderate ketogenic diet: the 1:2 ketogenic ratio application to general health (Banta Diet, Sweden);
- Beta-hydroxybutyrate as an energy substrate in studies of immature brain slices (Mediterranean Institute of Neurobiology);

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Research Consultant

Infotonic Conseil
June 2017
Infotonic offers research-based data collection and analysis providing an interface between academic consulting and educational or applied environments. Our consultancy is based on a high level of academic credibility of our experts. Expertise includes, but is not limited to, health and physical education, general physiology, nutrition, exercise/fitness, preventive/alternative medicine, healthy aging, brain health, general neuroscience, neuroprotection and neuroprotectors, life style and disease risk factors.

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INTOTA, ORC International
June 2007
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