Tomer Ventura

Tomer Ventura


Dr Tomer Ventura pioneered the application of single gene silencing to induce fully functional sex change in crustaceans. This has wide application for practicing Monosex Population Culture (all-male or all-female), which has tremendous value for the entire aquaculture industry. This is the first application of gene silencing in aquaculture.

Dr Ventura’s molecular expertise is vital in translating novel basic scientific results into applicable biotechnologies. Dr Ventura is leading a group dedicated to better understand the molecular mechanism underlying crustacean masculinity and metamorphosis and is participating in an attempt to understand the genetic cause for vertebrae deformities in salmon.

Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science Bioinformatics Developmental Biology Evolutionary Studies Genetics Genomics Molecular Biology Zoology

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University of the Sunshine Coast
August 2012
School of Science and Engineering
Teaching areas include: Aquaculture, Genetics, Invertebrate Biology and Ecology, Molecular Biology, Molecular Biotechnology. Research areas include: Aquaculture Biotechnology, Comparative Endocrinology, Sexual Determination and Differentiation, Development and Metamorphosis.

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