Thiago Carvalho

Thiago Ribeiro Carvalho


I am a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Biology at Universidade de São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto campus, São Paulo. We have developed a project in Giaretta Lab that aims at the assessment of cryptic diversity within Leptodactylinae (a Neotropical group of frogs) unveiled through an integrative approach.
Also, I am currently working on a subproject that focuses on a thorough study of the vocalizations in Leptodactylinae to be applied to Phylogenetic Comparative Methods as in investigation of the patterns of evolution of acoustic signals in this frog group. The current subproject has been developed in Gridi-Papp Lab, at University of the Pacific, Stockton campus, California.
I have experience in zoology, particularly with Neotropical amphibian anurans. My research is almost always associated with intensive fieldwork, being the assessment of bioacoustic information in the field its main component.

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Senior Ph.D. student

Universidade de São Paulo
August 2012
Department of Biology

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