Takashi Murashita


West Virginia University Heart and Vascular Institute (Morgantown, West Virginia)
Clinical instructor, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dates: 7/2016 – present

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Clinical instructor, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dates: 10/2015 – 6/2016

Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota)
Advanced clinical fellow, Division of Cardiovascular Surgery
Dates: 07/2013 – 08/2015

Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital (Hyogo, Japan)
Staff surgeon, Division of Cardiovascular Surgery
Dates attended: 04/2011 – 06/2013

National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center (Osaka, Japan)
Senior Fellow, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
Dates attended: 04/2009 – 03/2011

Kurashiki Central Hospital (Okayama, Japan)
Senior Resident, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
Dates attended: 04/2006 – 03/2009

Junior Resident, Departments of General and Cardiovascular Surgery
Dates attended: 04/2004 – 03/2006

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