Tomohiro Kuwae
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Tomohiro Kuwae


Head of the Coastal and Estuarine Environment Research Group, Port and Airport Research Institute. My research interests include biogeochemical cycling in shallow coastal waters, nutrient and oxygen fluxes across the sediment-water interface, nutrient and oxygen dynamics in sediments, analysis of foodwebs using carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios, CO2 sequestration and carbon storage by shallow coastal ecosystems, feeding ecology and foraging behaviour of shorebirds, conservation, restoration, and creation of intertidal flat ecosystems, development stage of created intertidal flat ecosystems, dynamics of benthic microbes, macroinvertebrates, and shorebirds in created intertidal flat ecosystems, and response of created intertidal flat ecosystems to varying environmental conditions

Biogeochemistry Biological Oceanography Ecology

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Group Head

Port and Airport Research Institute
April 1995 - October 2017
Coastal and Estuarine Environment Research Group


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