Takumasa Kondo

Takumasa Kondo


I work on the integrated pest management (IPM) of insect and mite pests of tropical fruit crops at the Colombian Agricultural Research Corporation (Corpoica). I have a special interest in insects of economic importance, especially the scale insects. I have worked on the systematics of several scale insect groups, including the armored scales (Diaspididae), lac insects (Kerriidae), mealybugs (Pseudococcidae), ground pearls (Margarodidae), the felt scales (Eriococcidae), and the soft scale insects (Coccidae), especially those species associated with ants and stingless bees. I am also working together with Dr. Lyn Cook (University of Queensland) on a study of a molecular level phylogeny of the family Coccidae. I am interested also in invasive insect species, in particular those species that have recently invaded Colombia.

Agricultural Science Biodiversity Biogeography Entomology Taxonomy

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Ph.D. Researcher

Colombian Agricultural Research Corporation (Corpoica)
Laboratory of Entomology

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