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Susanta Lahiri


Professor Susanta Lahiri is a highly visible radiochemist of international fame. He has made pioneering contribution in heavy ion assisted production of clinically important radionuclides. However, his interest has been diversified in the areas of environmental radioactivity, green chemistry, cosmochemical analysis, bioaccumulation studies, speciation studies, as well as trace analysis. Currently he is working as Senior Professor at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India. He received a doctorate degree from the University of Calcutta in 1994 and the University of Calcutta conferred upon him a D.Sc degree in 2009.

Professor Lahiri received the highest international honour in the field of Nuclear and Radiochemistry, the Hevesy Medal Award in 2015 and became the first Indian to receive the award in the history of ~50 years. The award was instituated in 1968 in honour of Nobel Laureate George de Hevesy. Earlier he received the prestigious associateship of Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) twice. He also received Professor J. C. Ghosh Memorial Award (2014) by Indian Chemical Society.

Professor Lahiri is the editorial board member of JRNC and Radiochimica Acta. He is also the member of CERN Medicis programme. He has more than 220 publications in international peer reviewed journal and 270 reports in international and national conference. He has guided 13 Ph. D students (including on board students).

Environmental Contamination & Remediation Green Chemistry

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Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
October 1994
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