C Steven Sevillano-Ríos


I am a biologist from Cayetano Heredia University of Peru, associated with the Laboratory of Biodiversity Studies - UPCH, Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Master in Conservation Sciences from Cornell University, USA. My interest lies in understanding the ecological, behavioral, and demographic processes that guide patterns of different threatened birds populations and communities along the Andes in order to generate new knowledge and use it for conservation decision making process. My research includes those developed in Cordillera Blanca, with emphasis on the bird ecology of the Polylepis forests, those over Cuzco in the Manu National Park and in conjunction with the Metropolitan University of Manchester and PhD students from the University of Oxford. In 2010, I started working with Wildlife Conservation Socity (WCS) as a field coordinator for the Alto Tambopata project, facilitating conservation processes in the ANPs of Bahuaja Sonene and Tambopata. In 2013, I was chosen by the Fulbright Commission as a fellow to continue my masters degree in Conservation Science in Cornell under the guidance of Dr. Amanda Rodewald. In 2015, I received the Peruvian Doctoral Fellowship from CONCYTEC-FONDECYT and in conjunction with other scholarships and research awards, I am currently working in Cordillera Blanca with the desire to strengthen a binational research work and contribute with firsthand information that helps to improve decision making for the conservation of natural resources.

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August 2016
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January 2014
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