Stéphane Ducasse

Stéphane Ducasse


I'm directeur de recherche at Inria. From 2011 to 2014 I was the scientific depute of Inria Lille Nord Europe. I lead the RMoD ( team. I'm expert in two domains: object-oriented language design and reengineering. I worked on traits, composable groups of methods. Traits have been introduced in Pharo, Perl, PHP and under a variant into Scala, Fortress of SUN Microsystems. I'm also expert on software quality, program understanding, program visualizations, reengineering and metamodeling. I'm one of the developer of Moose, an open-source software analysis platform I co-funded a company building dedicated tools for advanced software analysis. I'm one of the core developer of Pharo new reflective, dynamic and pure object-oriented language

Fun question of the day: "Why american website do not respect/imagine that people can have accents in their names?" My firstname has an accent and I can tell you that it makes a difference!

Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems Programming Languages Software Engineering

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