Soumen Saha

Soumen Saha


Plant Genomics is the thrust area of my research. My research interest primarily emphases on molecular characterization and tissue culture of crop and other economically important plant species with biotechnological applications. More specifically, I have worked on Plant tissue culture, DNA fingerprinting for assessment of genetic stability as well as diversity in large number of species. My current research interest focuses on free radical biology, oxidative stress, heavy metal toxicity. I have devised UG, PG and Pre-Ph.D. level courses at Raiganj University. Presently, I am engaged with the teach of the following courses: Principles of Genetic Engineering, Molecular markers and Breeding, Plant biotechnology in agricultural sector, Recombinant DNA technology, Molecular Genomics and Genetics.

Agricultural Science Biodiversity Biotechnology Conservation Biology Developmental Biology Ecology Ecosystem Science Genetics Genomics

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Assistant Professor

Raiganj University
September 2016
Cytogenetics & Plant Biotechnology Research Unit, Department of Sericulture


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