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Shoba Ranganathan


Shoba Ranganathan holds a Chair in Bioinformatics at Macquarie University since 2004. She has held research and academic positions in India, USA, Singapore and Australia as well as a consultancy in industry. She hosted the Macquarie Node of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics (2008-2013). She was elected the first Australian Board Director of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB; 2003-5); President, Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Network (2005-2016) and Steering Committee Member (2007-12) of Bioinformatics Australia. She currently serves as Co-Chair of the Computational Mass Spectrometry (CompMS) initiative of the Human Proteome Organization (HuPO), ISCB and Metabolomics Society and as Board Director, APBioNet Ltd. Shoba’s research addresses several key areas of bioinformatics to understand biological systems using computational approaches. Her group has achieved both experience and expertise in different aspects of computational biology, ranging from metabolites and small molecules to biochemical networks, pathway analysis and computational systems biology. She has authored as well as edited several books in Immunoinformatics as well as contributed several articles to the Encyclopedia of Systems Biology, published by Springer in 2013. She is currently Editor of Elsevier's Reference Module in Life Sciences and Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier's Encyclopedia of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

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Chair of Bioinformatics

Macquarie University
January 2004
Department of Molecular Science


Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Network Ltd.
September 2016
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