Scige LIU

Scige J LIU


I'm actually covering the role of Information and Electronic Engineer at the Star and Galaxies Formation studies group @IAPS,
I'd already collected more than 30 FTMonth of support in space telescope observations as Operative OnBoadSoftware Engineer for the Instrument HERSCHEL/SPIRE, a dual channel photo/spectrometer for Infrared Emission 250-500um.
Since 2009 as technological support for our Milky Way Galaxy Studies, Herschel GT GouldBelt, Herschel OT Hi-Gal, and EU-FP7 ViaLactea.
Actually supporting architectural design for Euclid/VIS, Plato, Spica/safari.

Agents & Multi-Agent Systems Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms Artificial Intelligence Autonomous Systems Computational Linguistics Computational Science Computer Aided Design Computer Architecture Computer Networks & Communications Computer Vision Data Mining & Machine Learning Data Science Databases Digital Libraries Distributed & Parallel Computing Embedded Computing Graphics Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing Network Science & Online Social Networks Optimization Theory & Computation Programming Languages Real-Time & Embedded Systems Scientific Computing & Simulation Security & Privacy Software Engineering Spatial & Geographic Information Systems Theory & Formal Methods Visual Analytics World Wide Web & Web Science

Work details

Information Tecnologist

Italian National Instituto for Astrophysics - INAF
May 2002
Institute of Space Astrophysics and Planetology - IAPS
Full Stack IT for Space Oriented and Remote development for Acquisition Sensing Decision and Control: - (Role) ESA-HERSCHEL/SPIRE; - (Role) ESA-HERSCHEL Interconnect/Communication; - (Support) ESA-HERSCHEL/PACS - (Support) ESA-HERSCHEL/HIFI; Future missions: - (Support) ESA-EUCLID/VIS, - (Support) ESA-PLATO - (Role) ESA/JAXA-SPICA/SAFARI (NG-CryoIrTel). Full Stack Support for Stars and Galaxies Formation Group: - ESA-HERSCHEL OpenTime Hi-GAL (MilkyWay) ~ 2009 - ESA-HERSCHEL GuaranteeTime GouldBelt ~ 2009 - EU-FP7 ViaLactea ~ 2014 Full Stack Support for IAPS Tech Facilities ~ 2009-2013: - Virtualization, Networking and Storage - Modeling and Simulations Main Activated Skills: - MIL-STD-1553B - IEEE-1355/SpaceWire - CORBA - ESA-SCOS-MIB - RealTime Transport - Safety Analysis - Quality Metrics - Entropy/Lossless DataCompresssion - Second Degree Control Theory / Autonomic Systems Main Involved Languages - C/C++ [Win/Linux/Solaris] - CORBA/IDL - TCL/TK - Ada/Vhdl

Space Oriented Interconnect and Communication

Italian National Instituto for Astrophysics - INAF
September 2001 - April 2002
Institute of Interplanetary Space Physics - IFSI
Short Opus in Space Oriented Communication Protocols for ESA-HERSCHEL, three instruments involved and two ground base equipment/environment, three instrument involved PACS-HIFI-SPIRE. Main Activated Skills: - MIL-STD-1553B - CORBA - ESA-SCOS-MIB - RealTime Transport Main Involved Languages - C/C++ [Win/Linux/Solaris] - CORBA/IDL - TCL/TK