Saswata Sankar Sarkar

Saswata Sankar Sarkar


1. Education:
● Postdoc - Biophysics Spudich Lab, Stanford University, USA 2013-current
● Ph.D. - Biophysics TIFR, Mumbai, India 2007-2013
● M. Sc. - Chemistry IIT Delhi, New Delhi, India 2005-2007
● B. Sc. - Chemistry Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India 2002-2005
2. Research skills:
● Inter-disciplinary research expertise: protein biophysics, spectroscopic techniques, molecular biology, cardiac muscle physiology.
● Biophysical and biochemical assays: fast millisecond kinetic measurements during protein folding reactions using various spectroscopic probes, FRET measurement of protein, single molecule and ensemble measurements of human cardiac myosin, enzyme assay, and binding assay for protein-protein interactions.
● Instrumentation: Time-resolved fluorescence using TCSPC and streak camera, fluorimeter, picosecond laser, single molecule optical trap, CD and UV-Vis spectroscopy, stopped-flow machine, Transmission electron microscopy, Microscale thermophoresis.
● Protein purification experience: Purified bacterial protein as well as human cardiac myosin, experience in both bacterial culture and mammalian cell lines, various protein purification techniques.

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