Sohath Z Yusseff-Vanegas


My research primary focus is the Forensic science. Since grade school I have been fascinated with reading books about research, forensic sciences and CSI. This hunger for science made Biology my passion. Collecting insects in the field, knowing their behavior, looking at their habitat and the hours spent under the microscope (while describing, drawing and identifying them in the lab) was the perfect combination of what I am today; a Forensic Entomologist.

I have been involved in Forensic Entomology since 2002, working with the Order Diptera, primarily with members of the Calliphoridae family (commonly known as blow flies). Recently I started working in Dr. Agnarsson’s research lab, where our effort will be the identification of the insects involved in the cadaveric decomposition in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean. Our research will study the taxonomy, distribution, phylogeny, systematics and biogeography of the Calliphoridae in the West Indies, filling the gasps that exists today regarding this group in the Caribbean. In addition our goal will be to understand the importance of these organisms and the role they play, or could potentially play, in the field of Forensic Sciences

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