Sujith Sajja

Sujith Sajja


Biological studies-
-Experienced in molecular neuroscience and specialized in basic molecular science techniques, cognitive neuroscience testing ( Novel oject recognition, Morris water maze, Light and Dark box, Elevated plus maze)
-Pharmacological studies of TBI, Drug Discovery
-Stem cell studies
- Magnetic resonance research (T2, T2*,DTI, CEST, FLEX and MT)

- Investigated biomechanics of skull response to shock wave
- Inspected shock wave propagation through different type of materials for advanced helmet design
-Identified and characterized potential materials and properties to mitigate shock wave without adding weight (both with and without panel of Kevlar in front of material)
- Small scale and large scale design optimization for advanced combat helmets

Specialties: -Interested in working on highly transitional research which could bring a correlation and emphasis on drug discovery

Animal Behavior Cognitive Disorders Histology Molecular Biology Neurology Neuroscience Pharmacology Translational Medicine

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Research Fellow

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


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