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Shih-Pin Chen


Dr. Shih-Pin Chen is an Attending Neurologist at Department of Neurology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan. He is also an Associate Professor at Department of Neurology, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan, and Adjunct Associate Professor, at the Institute of Clinical Medicine, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan.

Research interest:
1. Clinical, neuroimaging, and molecular biological studies of thunderclap headache and reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome
2. Animal models and genomics studies on the pathophysiology of migraine

Major awards and honors:
- 2009 Excellent Doctor Award, 2009, Veterans Affairs Commission, Executive Yuan, Taiwan, ROC. Nominated for outstanding clinical teaching
- 2011 Academic Prize for Excellent Research, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
- 2015 Excellent Teacher Award, Faculty of Medicine, National Yang-Ming University

Neurology Neuroscience Translational Medicine

Work details

Attending Neurologist

Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Department of Neurology

Associate Professor

National Yang-Ming University
Department of Neurology

Adjunct Associate Professor

National Yang-Ming University
Institute of Clinical Medicine

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