Susan J Crockford


I am an adjunct professor at the University of Victoria, B.C. and co-owner of a private science consulting firm called Pacific Identifications (Pacific ID).

My primary interest is evolutionary biology but I have career skills in archaeozoology and forensic taxonomy. I started my career at the Royal BC Museum in 1975 and have worked in Victoria ever since.

I bring a unique "big-picture" perspective to Arctic marine mammal conservation and climate change, among other issues. I have published many peer-reviewed papers on a range of topics that include discussions of polar bear evolution and hybridization, paleoclimate, paleobiogeography, and human occupation of the Arctic.

In 2006, I wrote a book on evolution and speciation for non-scientists, based on my Ph.D. dissertation, that featured the transformation of polar bears and domestic dogs from their ancestral species. I take seriously the need to communicate the work I do with the general public and regularly give public lectures as well as write articles and books for non-scientists.

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