Silverio García-Lara

Silverio García-Lara


Silverio García-Lara obtained his PhD in Experimental Biology from the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico during which he develop a PhD stay the University of Ottawa in Canada and subsequently Postdoctoral studies at the International Center for Maize and Wheat Improvement, CIMMYT, Int. He was the head of Entomology Unit at the Global Maize Program of CIMMYT and visiting scientist at Global ICARDA-CIMMYT-IITA Maize Program. He is currently an Associate Professor, Senior Scientist and head of Plant-Food Molecular Breeding Unit at Tec de Monterrey, ITESM. Among its main achievements he had developed, improved and characterized storage pests resistant corn and corn with nutraceutical properties. He has developed several comprehensive technologies to reduce post-harvest problems for Latin America, Africa and Asia. He has received financial support from agencies such as foundation FEMSA, CONACYT, SAGARPA, USDA-USA, CIDA-CANADA, CIMMYT, MasAgro, GrainPro, Monsanto, and Kelloggs, among others. His work in molecular breeding, postharvest biotechnology and nutraceutical bio-characterization has been recognized and awarded by the Canadian Foundation for the International Conference on Agricultural Biotechnology (ABIC), The Consultative Group on International Agriculture (CGIAR), AGROBIO Mexico and the Institute of Nutrition of BIMBO Group. He more than 60 publications, several book books and dozens of outreach lectures at various national and international forums

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Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)

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