Sarah Frias-Torres


Dr. Sarah Frias-Torres is a broadly trained, fieldwork oriented marine ecologist and biological oceanographer. Her research interests include: (1) Marine Restoration Ecology (coral reefs and mangroves), (2) Effects of global climate change in tropical marine ecosystems, (3) Coral reef and mangrove ecosystem resilience, (4) Behavioral ecology and conservation biology of marine megafauna, (5) Life histories, reproduction and parental care in fishes, (6) Marine biodiversity and, (7) Development of novel low-cost high-tech ocean sensors. Dr. Frias-Torres science outreach work to the general public includes documentary filmmaking, blogging and broadcast media: radio, TV, newspapers. She is a Research Collaborator with the Smithsonian-National Museum of Natural History Washington DC, the Smithsonian Marine Station in Fort Pierce, FL, USA and Nature Seychelles in the Republic of Seychelles

Animal Behavior Biodiversity Biogeography Conservation Biology Ecology Ecosystem Science Environmental Sciences Marine Biology Zoology

Work details

Research Collaborator

Smithsonian Marine Station
October 2012
Research areas: coral reef restoration, coral reef conservation, mangrove restoration and ecology, behavioral ecology and conservation biology of large-bodied grouper fish species and reef fish spawning aggregations, science outreach; Grant writing to secure funds for research; Teaching: Informal teaching as part of the Florida COSEE, NSF-funded program on Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence.

Research Collaborator

Nature Seychelles
August 2013
Leading the largest coral reef restoration project to date, with 0.5 ha transplanted, over 25,000 nursery-reared corals: scientific design & evaluation, midwater ocean nurseries, transplanted reef, ecosystem level effects of transplantation. Publishing results in peer-reviewed journals. Grant writing. Project management: financials, team, resources. From August 2013 to December 2015 served as chief scientist and marine laboratory coordinator. Starting January 2016, affiliated as Research Collaborator

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