Kumari Sonal Choudhary


I am a computational biologist with 7 years of diversified research history in bioinformatics and systems biology. I have experience in genome annotation, evolutionary studies, transcriptomics and proteomics analysis, mathematical modeling, RNAseq analysis and data mining.

Biochemistry Bioengineering Bioinformatics Biotechnology Computational Biology Computational Science Data Mining & Machine Learning Databases Ecology Evolutionary Studies Genetics Genomics Infectious Diseases Mathematical Biology Metabolic Sciences Microbiology Molecular Biology Oncology

Work details


University of California, San Diego
January 2017


International center for genetic engineering and Biotechnology, Trieste, Italy
October 2011 - September 2014
Protein structure and Bioinformatics


University of Iceland
February 2015 - December 2016
Center for Systems Biology


PeerJ Contributions

Signed reviews submitted for articles published in PeerJ Note that some articles may not have the review itself made public unless authors have made them open as well.