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Russell Schexnayder


Russell Schexnayder has a BS in Math for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He has conducted research as a hobby at the Fondren Library at Rice University since the early 1990s. This has led to the development of a unified quantum phylogenetic, ontogenetic, and genetic theory of zoology, which posits that repeated calmodulin-binding ID domains coded by repeated DNA sequences control the numbers of cell cycles during the two phases of neuron production in the cerebral cortex.

The theory posits that the number of cell cycles during the first phase explain the seven sizes of the dog. The number of cycles during the second phase determines encephalization and can be predicted by an equation derived from the work of Michael A Hofman of Netherlands Institute for Brain Research in Amsterdam.

Anthropology Cell Biology Developmental Biology Evolutionary Studies Genetics Mathematical Biology Neuroscience Paleontology Theory & Formal Methods Zoology

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The Schexnayder Foundation
January 2006


Rice University
January 1992
Friends of Fondren Library

Conservation Projects Coordinator

Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy
Called the "Father of the Willow Waterhole Conservation Reserve" for proposing the project and acquiring funding to conduct technical and economic feasibility studies, which resulted in financial backing for a $75-million project.