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Ross C Langston


I am an Associate Professor of Zoology at the University of Hawaii Windward Community College and adjunct researcher at Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum in Honolulu. My primary research interest is the life-history and population dynamics of coral reef fishes. Most of my research is done in collaboration with Ken Longenecker, also of Bishop Museum. Our work involves a mixture of lab and field work (fish surveys made with SCUBA and closed-circuit rebreathers). Commonly-used lab techniques include histology-based analyses of reproductive maturity and otolith-based estimates of age and growth. Our study areas include Hawaii, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea.

Anatomy & Physiology Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science Biodiversity Conservation Biology Ecology Histology Marine Biology Zoology

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Associate Professor

Windward Community College
January 2005

Adjunct Researcher

Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum
August 2008

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