Rosario Signorello

Rosario Signorello


1a. Speech models for cross-cultural research on charisma, personality, and emotions oriented to public speaking;
1b. Psychoacoustic models of voice quality for research in the medical field
2a. Advanced expertise in collecting large corpora with cutting-edge methods (acoustics, ultrasound, aerodynamics, etc.);
2b. Crowdsourcing language-related data collection of humans’ charismatic traits
3. Extensive expertise in acoustic analysis of dynamic and steady-state parameters of human voice corpora (pathological voice, political speech, multi-lingual audio-visual communication)
4. Advanced expertise in designing research experiments and developing psychometric tools to measure humans’ psychological traits (personality, leadership status, emotions) from non-verbal behaviors (voice, facial expressions)
5. Extensive expertise in human subject research on the field (linguistics, psychology), in laboratory settings (speech sciences), and using crowdsourcing (micro and macro tasks on the web)

Animal Behavior Computational Linguistics Human-Computer Interaction Natural Language & Speech Psychiatry & Psychology Statistics

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Postdoctoral Researcher

University of California, Los Angeles
March 2014
Head and Neck Surgery, David Geffen School of Medicine
Voice quality and laryngeal biomechanics.

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