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Roger N Jones


Roger Jones is a Professorial Research Fellow at the Victoria Institute for Strategic Economic Studies (VISES) at Victoria University, Melbourne. He leads a small team who work on climate-related risk, ecological and institutional economics and research into practice. The group applies a transdisciplinary approach to understanding and managing risk that bridges science, economics and policy. Roger previously worked for Australia’s CSIRO for 13 years, developing methods for climate risk assessment. Qualified in earth science, he has worked on urban ecology, been a museum curator and technical essayist, public radio host and researcher working on past, present and future climates and their impacts. He was Coordinating Lead Author on the chapter Foundations of Decision Making in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Working Group II Fifth Assessment Report. He was also Coordinating Lead Author on the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report and a lead author on the Third Assessment Report.

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Professorial Research Fellow

Victoria University of Technology
February 2009
Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies
Lead a small research cluster assessing climate change risk management and the economics of green infrastructure. We integrate science, applied economics and decision support within value-based, systemic risk management frameworks and work with end users to embed that knowledge within existing decision making systems.


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