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The book Giants of Land, Sea and Air - Past and Present was my entry into the world of paleontology. It was followed by several others including From the Beginning - The Story of Human Evolution (both can be read for free online at davidpetersstudio.com. Several papers on pterosaur origins and other aspects of paleontology were peer-reviewed and published despite lacking a PhD. My latest projects are www.reptileevolution.com and www.pterosaurheresies.wordpress.com.

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28 Feb 2015

With regard to turtle origins, have you considered adding Stephanospondylus, Elginia and Sclerosaurus to your analysis? Not often considered, I found them to be in the turtle linea...

06 May 2015

If you want cladistic confirmation for your findings, you'll find them online here: www.reptileevolution.com/reptile-tree.htm in which several years ago Ophiacodon was recovere...

11 Apr 2017

The Spinosaurus sail exposed to air while underwater scenario was shown two years ago here: https://pterosaurheresies.wordpress.com/2015/03/05/spinosaurus-thermoregulation/