After completing undergraduate (B.Sc) studies in Microbiology, 1997 Saurashtra College, Madurai, India, I took up one of the very first Integrated PhD programs started in India by the Indian Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. I completed my MS Biological Sciences in the year 2000 and pursued a doctorate in the Department of Microbiology and Cell Biology. I have continued my interest in Bacterial Cell Division and Cytoskeleton through my post-doctoral research at the Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory and Mechanobiology Institute, NUS, Singapore. Broadly, our research interests lie in evolution of self-organisation, form and function in biological systems and in understanding the means by which bacterial pathogens have exploited this organization in pathogenesis for their survival and reproduction. In our research laboratory, we aim to understand how tiny cells such as bacteria achieve cellular organization and how the mechanical properties of their cytoskeleton allow them to perform the cellular functions.

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Reader - F (Assistant Professor)

National Institute of Science Education and Research
October 2014
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