Ricardo Haroun


Marine Biologist, expert on Systematics, Sustainable Uses and Conservation of Marine Biota. Ph.D. on Biological Sciences from La Laguna University (Spain), Master in Management of Aquatic Resources by Tokyo University of Fisheries (Japan), Full Professor since 2014 at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). Published more than 100 scientific publications related to biodiversity, ecological processes and sustainable use of marine resources, including one book about marine plants of the Canary Islands. Member of the Ecosystem Management Commission of IUCN, expert for the Canarian Regional Government on the PoW on Island Biodiversity, and reviewer of scientific journals such as Botanica Marina, Aquaculture Research, Journal of Biogeography, Journal of Marine Biology. Actively working on aquaculture and environment interactions, climate change and its effects on benthic communities, ecological services and the effects of marine alien species.
Since May 2014, Principal Researcher of the European ERA-Chair Project ECOAQUA: Research and Technology to enhance excellence in Aquaculture Development under an Ecosystem Approach.
Active member of the Research Institute on Sustainable Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems (IU-ECOAQUA)

Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science Biodiversity Biogeography Conservation Biology Ecology Ecosystem Science Marine Biology Taxonomy

Work details

Professor on Marine Botany: Conservation and Management.

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Coordinator of Biodiversity and Conservation Research Group Main Research Interest in Vegetated Marine Habitats: Brown Macroalgal Forests, Seagrass meadows, Rhodoliths beds.

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