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Robert P Bauchwitz


B.A. Harvard University, biochemistry; M.D. Cornell Medical School; Ph.D. Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, molecular genetics; American Cancer Society fellow, Columbia University Department of Genetics and Development, mouse genetics; head of laboratory, Columbia University Department of Genetics and Development, Fragile X mouse model development; professor and laboratory director, Department of Neurology, St. Luke's Roosevelt Institute for Health Sciences, Columbia University, preclinical research in Fragile X Syndrome; adjunct professor Department of Natural Sciences, Fordham University; associate member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners since 2004; Relator for the United States in the False Claims Act legal case United States of America v. William K. Holloman et. al.; certification by the Legal Education Institute of Widener University Law School; certification by CompTIASecurity+, computer and network security; founder Amerandus Research.

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