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Ryan Basler


My research background is a diverse background in plant pathology across two continents. I began by working at the University of Florida in the United States on foliar diseases in tomato and cucurbits. Following the exciting work at the UF with developing resistance strategies to fungal diseases and viral pathogens I moved to the United Kingdom to work at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany. While at NIAB I undertook research and identified novel QTLs for potential resistance to Ergot in wheat and worked extensively on the Fusarium genus in maize and wheat. I am presently working at INRA in France as a part of research project to use NGS as a part of surveillance strategies of Fusarium in small grains.

Agricultural Science Bioinformatics Genetics Microbiology Plant Science

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Scientific Specialist

October 2016


July 2013 - October 2016
Bioinformatic research on Fusarium species in Europe.