Yoalli Hernández-Díaz

Yoalli Quetzalli Hernández-Díaz


I graduated from the bachelor's degree by doing a thesis on animal behavior, I studied the predator-prey relationship between two crustaceans in two dimensions. Following I did my Master listing species of all the echinoderms of the reefs and coasts of the state of Yucatan in the transition zone between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, at the same time I analyzed the ecological and biogeographic data of all that information. I graduated with honors. I am currently conducting my PhD research on phylogeography and an analysis of the morphological phylogeny of a widely distributed ophiuroid species in the American Western Atlantic.

Biodiversity Biogeography Marine Biology Molecular Biology Taxonomy Zoology

Work details

PhD student

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Laboratorio de Sistematica y Ecologia de Equinodermos
I'm doing my research in Phylogeography and Morphological phylogeny of ophiuroid species


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