Paromita Raychaudhury

Paromita Raychaudhury


Twelve years of academic research experience in United States and India. Ph.D. in Chemistry from one of the top state research universities in USA. My work is well recognized and I have been invited to present my work in several university and national level conferences and colloquiums. I have published multiple research papers in well-recognized journals, which have been cited several times.
I am one of few Molecular Biologists with a strong multi-disciplinary background in Physical chemistry, Synthetic chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Protein Biochemistry. The focus of my research is “Mechanisms of Replication Fork Reactivation” wherein I study the biochemical pathways required for replication restart and more specifically investigating whether replication reactivation and lesion bypass pathways cooperate. I use biochemical, molecular genetics and cell biological approaches to investigate the mechanisms involved in the maintenance of genome integrity. The ultimate goal is to understand the relationship between disruption of pathways that act to maintain the integrity of the genome and the occurrence of cancer.

Biochemistry Biophysics Biotechnology Cell Biology Genetics Genomics Molecular Biology Toxicology

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Research Associate

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY
July 2011


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