Igor Pottosin

Igor Pottosin


Born in Tomsk (Siberia), May 16, 1959. Undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Dept. of Biophysics, Moscow State University. PhD thesis (defended 22-05-1985) was devoted to the electron transfer between cytochrome C complex and reaction center in purple sulphur bacteria. Staff Researcher at the Institute of Biophysics Acad Sci USSR (actually the Institute for Cell Biophysics RAS) from 15-01-1985 to 1998 (plant ion channels studies). Humboldt Fellow in Julius-von-Sachs Institut at the University of Würzburg (Germany), 1994-1996. From 1996 to date professor and staff researcher at the University of Colima (México). National Research Fellow (Mexico, level III) since 2000. Honorary professor at the University of Tasmania. Current research devoted to the roles of ion channels in human T cells and ion transport systems in plant stress physiology. Author of 70+ international papers. Editor in Fontiers in Plant Science. Belongs to top-200 cited Mexican researchers in all disciplines.

Biophysics Cell Biology Plant Science

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Head of the Lab and Group Leader

Universidad de Colima
Head of the Lab "Ion transport regulation" Leader of the Group "Biomedical Science" at CUIB (Centro Universitario de Investigaciones Biomedicas)

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