Ilyas Potamitis


lyas Potamitis (male)- Dipl. Electrical Eng. (1995) PhD (2002) and Post-doc researcher (2005) at the UP-University of Patras-Greece 1995. Associated Professor at TEIC (2005) and head of Bioacoustic Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Group. He served as technical coordinator and partner in several projects related to automatic Bioacoustic identification of insect species. He is author of over 100 journal and conference publications in the areas of bioacoustics, signal processing, speech processing, pattern recognition and their applications and has over 650 citations (google scholar). He works on remote monitoring of insect, birds, cetaceans biodiversity monitoring and precision agriculture. He performs multidisciplinary research reaching from electronics, data science and pattern recognition and applies them to bioacoustic signals.

Agricultural Science Biodiversity Ecology

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Associate Professor

Technological Educational Institute of Crete
Music Technology & Acoustics


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