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Peter T. Harris


I am a marine geoscientist with interests in ecology, palaeoenvironments, oceanography and management. From 1986-94 I worked at Sydney University as a Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer conducting ARC-funded research on tidal systems, particularly the Fly River delta in Torres Strait. In 1994, I accepted a position with Geoscience Australia to lead the Palaeo-environment Program at the Antarctic CRC in Hobart Tasmania. I conducted research on the Holocene sedimentary record of Antarctic bottom water formation and ice sheet advance/retreat. In July, 2003 I was appointed Group Leader for Geoscience Australia’s Marine & Coastal Environment Group, the largest marine geoscience applied research program in Australia, with programs in maritime boundaries (Law of the Sea), coastal geochemistry, OzCoasts web delivery of coastal science for managers, seabed mapping and characterisation, marine biodiversity and Antarctic research. In September, 2014, I was appointed Managing Director of GRID-Arendal in Arendal, Norway. The job involves working closely with UN-Environment in Nairobi to develop projects to support developing countries with solving their environmental problems. I developed the first global synthesis of submarine canyons (2011) and the first GIS global geomorphic features map of the oceans (2014). I will receive the 2018 Francis P. Shepard Medal for Marine Geology, awarded by the SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Research) – the first Australian to be so honoured.

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Managing Director

September 2014
Manage staff, budget and affairs of the organisation, reporting to a Board of Directors appointed by the Norwegian Government Ministry of Climate and Environment.

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