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Perry Lee Wood Jr


I am a PhD student in the department of biology at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah working under the direction of Dr. Jack Sites. My research is mainly focused on aspects of evolutionary biology in Southeast Asia. I am interested in the elucidation of cryptic species of amphibian and reptiles, patterns and processes of evolution, systematics, and historical biogeography a of the Sunda region. Specifically, I am interested in species delimitation, historical biogeography in the Southeast Asia Mountain Horned lizards (Acanthosaura), which was the focus of my master’s thesis. The main focus of my dissertation research involves collection of both morphological and molecular data to address questions about substrate adaptation, convergent evolution and “adaptive” radiations in the Southeast Asian Rock Geckos (Cnemaspis).

Biodiversity Biogeography Conservation Biology Evolutionary Studies Genetics Genomics Taxonomy Zoology

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PhD Candidate

Brigham Young University
September 2011


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January 24, 2017
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