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My PhD research centered on the characterization of enzymes involved in hydrogen metabolism in the hyperthermophile Pyrococcus furiosus. After completing my PhD, I became an Assistant Professor at Universidade Fernando Pessoa (Porto, Portugal). My research focus then moved to the computational study of enzymatic and organic reaction mechanisms using quantum chemistry methods. I have been an Academic Editor for PeerJ since September 2015.

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Universidade Fernando Pessoa
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11 Feb 2016

This is a nice paper, even though the results are frustrating for those who expect that semi-empirical methods will soon become a useful alternative to DFT in real-life application...

10 May 2013

Minor points: p. 19 "Procerain, a stable cysteine protease […] was found to have a molecular mass of 28.8KDa and an isoelectric point of 9.32." The original paper (Dubey, VK a...

10 May 2013

Other minor points: Figs 25-35: The xx axis are labeled “enzyme concentration” instead of urea /CaCl2, NaCl, etc… concentration. Are those concentrations final concentrations or (...

10 May 2013

Other Major points: The data on figs 9-18 are extensively described verbally, which is redundant as proper graphs tell the story much more effectively. An attempt to discuss,...

03 Jan 2014

line 120: " the name of either the region, or various localities within the region (e.g., “Ireland” and “England” for the Western Atlantic)." Should it not be Eastern Atlantic?...

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