Patrizia Lavia
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Patrizia Lavia


Research Director at Institute of Molecular Biology and Pathology (IBPM), CNR, Rome (Italy). Main research interests are in molecular control of mitosis in human cells, its regulators and molecular errors that may cause genetic instability in daughter cells. Our goal is to gain mechanistic understanding how altered expression or function of key mitotic regulators (e.g. GTPases, kinases) can give rise to genetically unbalanced cells that may initiate tumorigenesis.

Cell Biology Molecular Biology

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Research Director

CNR National Research Council of Italy
Institute of Molecular Biology and Pathology
My lab is interested in regulation of mitosis and regulation of nuclear functions, with a primary focus on roles of the GTPase RAN and its effectors


La Sapienza University of Rome
October 2013
Course title: Molecular Bases of the Cell Cycle

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