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Paul G Wallace


Professor Paul Wallace is David Cohen emeritus Professor of Primary Care at University College London and National Theme co-Lead for Primary Care, Mental Health, Public Health, and Dermatology. In 2006 he was appointed Director of the NIHR Primary Care Research Network and Deputy Director of the NIHR Clinical Research Networks Co-ordinating Centre. He has long been involved with the development of research networks in primary care, both in the UK and internationally. He is past President of the European General Practice Research Network and was one of the founding members of the European Society of General Practice/Family Medicine. Paul’s research is primarily focussed on the identification and management of patients with risky drinking patterns. He was chief investigator on the early Medical Research Council pioneering studies on the detection and management of patients with excessive alcohol consumption in general practice. This work paved the way for a series of major international trials which established the key role of screening and brief intervention for alcohol problems in primary care. He currently leads an international programme of research into the effectiveness of digitally mediated screening and brief interventions for alcohol problems in primary care settings. Paul is a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians. In 2013 he was awarded the RCGP President’s Medal.

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