Paul Courtney

Paul K Courtney


I have a systems approach to my work in biomedical informatics and have a strong background in the standardization, harmonization and integration of data and metadata in support of cancer control, population science and biomedical research. This work has included the use of semantic tools and technologies as means to connect disparate datasets and data sources. I am particularly interested in promoting collaborative team science environments for researchers using a holistic sociotechnological framework and not solely a technical approach.

* have developed web applications in support of biomedical research and have led projects that use the iterative software development process
* have deep knowledge of the socio-technical issues around the use of software to support biomedical research, in other words the problems are not simply either technical/software nor people and organizations and so the solutions are going to require knowledge of how people work with software in a particular workflow is support of a business process.
* understand the competing and complementary interests and needs of academia, government and vendors in the domain of biomedical research informatics as a result of my positions at Dartmouth, Booz Allen and SAIC/NCI
* have knowledge and experience in the use of semantic frameworks, tools and technologies such as Linked Open Data and the metadata repository caDSR (cancer Data Standards Repository) used by the NCI and caBIG.

Bioinformatics Data Science Human-Computer Interaction Network Science & Online Social Networks World Wide Web & Web Science

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