Pablo G Garay


I have a B.S. in Molecular Biology and currently I am a post-graduate student in Biology at the San Luis National University (UNSL), Argentina.
I work (using Python) in the Structural Bioinformatics Group (BIOS) at the Instituto de Matemática Aplicada San Luis (IMASL).
My research is based on the structure determination of glyco-complexes.

Biochemistry Bioinformatics Biophysics Computational Biology Computational Science Databases Mathematical Biology Molecular Biology Programming Languages Scientific Computing & Simulation

Work details

Post-graduated student

Instituto de Matemática Aplicada San Luis
Bioinformatica Estructural (BIOS)
Our research group studies structural and dynamical properties of biomolecules and develops computational methods for the determination, validation and refinement of biomolecule structures, based on experimental data. The used tools include: quantum mechanical calculations, statistical mechanics, molecular dynamics and/or molecular mechanics simulations, and statistical data analysis.

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