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Paul A Ayayee


My research interest encompasses the fields of Entomology, Microbiology, Ecology and Evolution. Areas of special interest to me at the moment include, insect-microbe symbioses, plant-insect-microbe interactions, the origins, nature and functions of these interactions. I am interested in demonstrating function and showing biological relevance of symbiotic associations in insect-microbial symbioses within an insect-plant (diet)-microbe framework. I use classic molecular and biochemical approaches to investigate in vitro, speculated/proposed microbial functions of relevance to an insect host. I subsequently investigate/confirm this function in situ within the insect host, using functional assays and stable isotope approaches to demonstrate the link between microbial processes and insect physiology/biochemistry.

I recently became interested in adding bioinformatics and metagenome skill sets to my research interests, to characterize the microbial composition and putative function within insect gut communities, as a means to generate hypotheses of function. Furthermore i am expanding my interests in insect physiology and biochemistry through the investigation of metabolic rates and consequences of this for various insect life history straits within a insect-microbe framework.

Agricultural Science Biochemistry Ecology Entomology Evolutionary Studies Metabolic Sciences Microbiology

Work details

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Kent State University
January 2016
Biological Sciences
Stream microbial ecology, microbial ecology of fresh water insects (diet, and microbiota), soil microbial ecology in vernal pools

Postdoctoral research associate

Ohio State University
Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology

Postdoctoral research associate

Ohio State University
Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology


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