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Oscar Gonzalez


PhD. (2015) University of Florida, USA. Interdisciplinary Ecology. Concentration in Tropical Conservation and Development. Dissertation: “Bird-flowering plant visitation networks in Andean montane forests”. M.Sc. (2004) Universidad San Pablo CEU, Spain. Tropical Biodiversity Management. Dissertation: “Olive-trees as habitat of riparian birds in the Peruvian coast”. M.Sc. (2004) Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru. Zoology. Dissertation: “Ecology of urban birds in the city of Lima”. B.Sc. (1994) Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru. Biology. Dissertation: “A comparative study of the bird community in two coastal wetlands in southwestern Peru”
I do research in Ecology, censuses, reproduction, distribution and inventories of bird species and bird communities in Peru. My interest is to apply basic research in conservation plans, working with college students and stakeholders in local communities.

Biodiversity Conservation Biology Ecology Science Policy Zoology

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University of Florida
June 2010
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
I am studying the role of birds in the pollination network in the high Andes; how nectarivorous birds (hummingbirds and flowerpiercers) are keystone species for the ecological integrity of the elfin forest in the western Amazon.

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