Domingo Orozco-Beltran

Domingo - Orozco-Beltran


Teaching. - Public Health Technician for 12 years (1986-1995 and 1999-2001) at the Family Medicine Teaching Unit of Alicante. Associate Professor (1991-1999 and 2012-present) in the Department of Medicine and Public Health (2010-2012).
Research. – PhD Degree. PhD Extraordinary Award. Doctoral thesis on the epidemiology of diabetes in the province of Alicante. Director of more than 40 doctoral theses. Published more than 75 articles in scientific journals. Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Diabetes Primary Care. Member of the European organization WONCA family medicine. Member of the network REDIAP for the investigation on preventive and health promotion in primary care.
Training. - Passing the test MIR for specialization in family and community medicine at the Hospital of Elche (Alicante).
Diploma in Health by the Spanish Ministry of Health. Training in epidemiology, statistics, and computer management (SPSS). Master in Health Economics and Health Management.
Currently Health Center in Alicante-Cabo Huertas and Research and Teaching Unit. San Juan de Alicante Department. A full-time teaching and research work.
Coordinator, Committee on the National Care Strategy (Ministry of Health and Social Policy) created in 2011.
Manager of FISABIO Research Foundation for health and biomedical research in Valencia from October 2012 - April 2013.
President of National Board of Family Medicine (from 2014).

Cardiology Clinical Trials Diabetes & Endocrinology Epidemiology Geriatrics Internal Medicine Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing Science & Medical Education

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Conselleria de Sanitat Comunidad Valenciana (Spain)
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